Designers 9 /11/17

Marie Llanos- Puerto Rico
Collection - Reborn Sacrifice

About the Designer:

Show Producer Marie Llanos Llanos /Founder/ Designer/ CEO at West New York Fashion Week, presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in West New York, emerging and upcoming clothing designers from around the world in an effort to extend meaningful fashion trade. Accomplishing this has been an undertaking in nurturing opportunities for the publicity of international talents whose creative abilities are overflowing but financial resources are not. 

Mission is to help develope your emerging fashion brand via affordable and professional production showcase platform and marketing, WNYFW also seeks to partner with city agencies to promote the fashion and retail industry in West New York .

Our Goal is to increase tourism to the city by creating unique exposure opportunities for emerging designers, boutiques , buyers, models, make up artist, salons and various other beauty and fashion brand. Llanos Marie Shoes is handmade to perfection in New York and New Jersey. 

Llanos custom design your heel in anyway by using Swarovski element , Preciosa rhinestones, mirror glass, glitter and even lace. Llanos  try to use Swarovski 2028 and 2058 cut stones whenerver possible, because she prefer how they look, also use Preciosa Viva 12 rhinestones wich are comparable to Swarovski 2028-cut.

Palenia Pichardo -Dominican Republic
Collection - Romance in the City


About the Designer:

American host, model, and actress, Palenia Pichardo (PLOVE) was born in the Dominican Republic. She began her love affair with all things fashion and entertainment at the age of 27, when she decided to take modeling courses at ISTYLE Academy. After completing these courses she quickly delved into the world of fashion and entertainment. Palenia’s modeling career took off when she was chosen as a runway for Jersey City Fashion Week in 2015. She was chosen to walk for three designers which led to contacts with photographers, boutiques, and various professionals from the industry. She used those contacts to begin developing her own brand “PLOVE”.  Palenia Is known for published work with NIVEL CINCO magazine, Her Recurring role as host on the hit television show “EL KAN TV” and for her recent appearance as the female lead in the newest music video for recording artist Fernando Chalas. Now Palenia is one of the most  important stylish & Designer in New York City & New Jersey , working in a very important Beauty Pageant Nuestra Reina Latina USA for El Especialito newspaper also is the Executive Producer of West New York Fashion Week 2017 

About Collection:  Who said that living in adventure can be a boring lifestyle? Well, today I want to present you my collection based on style that can fill your soul with happiness. Elegance, colorful, tasteful and unique style that only an adventurous plove can show you tonight. Let me transport you to my trip where from the Amazon to the most exotic place that exists on the earth only you and I can reach! 

Fantasia Venenziana - Italy 
Collection - Venetian Romance 

About the Designer:

Fantasia Veneziana a Italian Ceo Founder and Artist/Designer.
Born in Naples Italy and study Art & Fashion Design in Italy at
Istituto D'arte Umberto Boccioni .
I love spend time with loved ones such as family and friends . I love
spending time creating . Fantasia Veneziana love all the little things
and of the day everything in a life is " little things " when you
looking at the big picture .
At final 1999 I travel and establish in USA ...
For the next years I continue with my passion for the art & fashion
like a hobby , actually that hobby transform my entire life in good
and positive progress because I really love what I do and I do with
soul and heart  100% ... one of my favorite quote in life if you can
dream it you can do it ! And this is what exactly I do I start with a
humble dream and step by step I continue grow  with a deep respect to
all around me . People always ask me how I do this ? , well with a
smile I tell them you have to believe in your self first , if you
don't believe in you how can you expect other do ? Dream and believe
are my personal key .

All my inspiration start at Venetian Carnival in Venice Italy and all
around me .
I create gorgeous original Venetian Masks hand made in papier mache' ,
fashion dresses  , wings and amazing accessory ...
In June 20 2014 , I was invited for a fashion designer to collaborate
in her show , that day I have my official debbut in a fashion industry

Meredith Gill - New York 
Collection - Asethete 

About the Designer:

Meredith Gill is an American fashion designer and a graduate of the Class of 2017 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Meredith specializes in Evening Wear and Bridal Design and will be earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Art History after already earning an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences.

She is now currently working for Carol Hannah Bridal in New York City. Just being introduced into the Bridal Industry and already having experience in the Fashion Industry, Meredith is broadening her skills by also being apart of a wardrobe team for an upcoming romantic comedy film. She as also won an award for Best Construction in the FADC Elemental Fashion Show at the Fashion Institute of Technology
Meredith’s drive towards her designs are taking the small details from one thing and making that the main focus of the design.

Sophie Davila - Ecuador
​Collection - Overdose

About the Designer:

Sophie Davila pursued her bachelor degree in Fashion Design in Ecuador. After finishing her career, she went to Milan, Italy to study a specialization in fashion and she also attended the FIT in New York City updating her knowledge.
In Ecuador, she had her studio for years dressing mainly brides and queens for local beauty pageants. She has also worked as a fashion producer and stylist for photographers and fashion magazines, as personal shopper and, as image consulting.
Thanks to her talent she was invited by the Artisanal Chamber of Milan to present her collections for two occasions in Italy. Then, she moved to the USA and is studying art, fashion and photography at Pi-Art Center in New York, also she collaborated managing an apparel factory in NYC having as its customers to great designers as Marc Jacobs, Coach, Ellie Tahari, among others. Last year, she helped funding the boutique Sophies Closet Studio which is available online only. Sophies Closet was created with the purpose of sharing her love and passion not only for fashion but, for the good taste. Since she strongly believes that clothes are part of who we are and what we project. The studio is now dedicated to make custom made dresses for any occasion.