West New York Fashion Week
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Designers / February 2020 

Alona Logvinenko- Russia

About the Designer:

Alona Logvinenko is a russian designer who makes hats and accessories.
She was born in Siberia and started to take art and sewing classes at a very young age. She moved to Istanbul Turkey at the age of 19 where she was working in arts and fashion sector for more than 13 years.
She came to USA in order to learn millinery. While taking classes in FIT she was in an internship for many well known milliners in New York and Los Angeles also she used to go to workshops of world known milliners. She always surrounded herself with bohemian and artsy people what influenced her first collection of vintage hats. The name of the collection is Zarif which translates from the turkish language as Elegant. Her mission is to bring elegance to the masses

Diana Mahrach Couture - Morocco / USA


About the Designer:

Diana Mahrach Couture stands for luxury, quality and heritage, and it is known for sophistication and eye-catching elegance. The collections exude elegance and integrity, with a fashion-forward vision.

Diana Mahrach started working as a teenager in 1996 as a fabric consultant and fabric buyer in New York’s garment district. Her work with fabrics inspired Ms. Mahrach to begin designing evening wear for her clients. She has always loved beautiful fashion silhouettes and high quality design, focusing primarily on high couture evening and bridal wear. She also has a great passion for exquisite fabrics. Today she is an established couture and textile designer and owns a number of fabrics stores. Her fabrics give her the inspiration and the passion for the sophisticated elegant lines she has been creating throughout her her career.

O .M . O -     USA

About the Designer:


O.M.O clothing stands for Own , My, Own
It is a clothing line that stands for luxury urban wear that stands out in its special details and sophisticated designs. 
The collection is all about urban clothing using high end fabrics and exclusive prints and luxury cuts . With a fashion-forward vision.  
The owner of O.M.O clothing is Jason Smith that is 36  years old of age came from a great family oriented surrounding with great support. Jason loves quality and fashion and started designing sneakers and clothing since 1996 had being  doing this business for over decades gave him the experience to be trusted and to stand out in the fashion industry. He chooses exquisite designs and loves beautiful silhouettes that most urban designers don’t vision. Today he is an established owner of  O.M.O clothing. His clothing wear is all over the New York fashion week .

Alonso Maximo - Mexico / USA

About the Designer:

It is a clear exponent of design where each experience is and will be unique and unmatched. The outstanding approach to multicultural inclusion: Style, Trend and Innovation. Standing out in the world of haute couture, as well as exhibiting great designs. Designs to show off, radiate light and love is the main thing of
Come, Enter the MORELIA Collection ... celebrating femininity with the summary of a game of glitters, embroidery, chiffon, brocades, sequins and lace, large volume and structure where colors and fine fabrics live a transformation, creating a majestic and radiant experience where the protagonist and Inspiration is the woman herself.
MORELIA Collection is the summary of the multicultural union of his good taste, aesthetic precision and elegance of women.
Welcome to ALONSO MAXIMO DESIGN where you will find dresses for all those special occasions, Beauty Events; Or simply to commemorate your special moment of love, joy and smiles.

Saima Chaudhry - Pakistan / USA

About the Designer:

Saima Chaudhry is an International Jewelry Designer/Film Maker/Entrepreneur based from New Jersey, USA. She was born in Pakistan and moved to USA with her family in her early childhood. Her passion for jewelry designs started when she was a child and she always wanted to make movies and short film about real life stories. Over the years, she has learned that circumstances don’t determine who you are or who you can become. No matter what people say or think, you just have to follow your dreams. Currently she is working on many projects.